• Alfamacchine is a leading manufacturer of Underpinners, Double Mitre Saws and is the world's largest manufacturer of V Nails. For over 30 years Alfamacchine have been innovators in technology for the global picture framing and woodworking industries.

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  • V Nails / Wedges

    Unique and patented tapered shape ensures a tight join between moulding lengths.

    Available in three specifications, depending on the hardness of wood being joined; Normal, Hard, and Super Strong.

    PTM fit all Minigraf, AMP and U Series underpinners.

    PTU Universal fit most underpinners using V Nails of that width.

  • Foot Operated Underpinners

    The Alfamacchine U200 Underpinner is superbly engineered for smaller bespoke workshops. A combat, quiet, and easy to setup underpinner that is inexpensive.

    - Joins mouldings up to 130mm wide and 80mm tall
    - A wide maximum distance of 180mm between V Nail insertion
    - Solid steel V Nail insertion hammer for longevitity
    - Adjustable working angle
    - Easy to maintain

  • Air Operated Underpinners

    Suitable for busy workshops and smaller contract framing, offers fast and consistent joining.

    For maximum stability, mouldings stay clamped in place throughout joining cycle particularly useful when joining harder woods.

    U300 Semi Automatic Underpinner

    U300P Semi Automatic Underpinner

    U400S Semi Automatic Underpinner

  • Programmable Underpinners

    Ideal for joining wood and polymer mouldings. Perfect for volume joining of picture frames, wood doors and trim and window units.

    U500 Single Channel

    U600 Multi-Channel

    Programme up to 5000 mouldings to store:

    - Size, number and position of V Nails
    - Cycle speed to suit hardness of moulding
    - Barcode associated with frame moulding

  • Double Mitre Saws

    Able to Mitre cut over 700 frame pieces per hour.

    The T-350 and T-400 have been carefully designed for fast and consistently high quality production. They are renowned for their build quality and reliability.

    Blades are fixed to a single sub-chassis so they travel together with no possibility of movement of misalignment. Cuts are consistent and uniform.