• POZZI-GHISLANZONI is a precision engineering company who have been manufacturing for the picture framing industry since 1945. Innovative in design, they specialise in the application of metal parts to panels and picture frames.

  • Pozzi Coil-Fed Hanger Fixing Machines

    Tough and cost effective automatic machines for the higher volume picture frame manufacturer.

    They install self-fix hangers onto a hardboard, backing board and MDF with just a push on the foot air switch.

    PG25-30BE to fix Bebe Hangers

    PG25-3010 to fix 1-Hole Hangers

    PG25-3020 to fix 2-Hole Hangers

    PG30-3000 to fix 4-Hole Hanging Plates

  • Pozzi PG-38 Multi Purpose Fixing Machine

    A highly refined machine designed to help medium volume picture framers with speed production, improve product quality and reduce labour costs.

    What does it do?

    - Fixes the Pozzi self-fix bendable, hinged and sawtooth hangers to backing boards
    - Assembles traditional MDF board strut backs, using self-fix hinges
    - Fixes Pozzi bendable metal struts
    - The PG-38 comes as a bare chasis, order adaptor kits and locators to match the hardware in use.

    Read more here.

  • Pozzi Hangers

    Bebe Hangers are effective and economical for small and medium sized frames.

    1 Hole Hangers, a neat self-fix hinged hanger especially popular on small pictures sold in Europe.

    2 Hole Hangers are ideal for medium sized pictures. Easily bent up by the user to suit.

    3 Hole Hinged Hanger designed for use with gallery hanging systems.

    4 Hole Hanging Plates securely fix with 4 rosettes, ideal for ready made and frame-less frames.

  • Pozzi Sawtooth Self Fix Hanger

    The 58mm self-fix sawtooth hanger has a modern electric blue plated finish, which covers the surfaces and the edges, making it more rust resistant.

    Press fix to MDF and other backboard materials using the PG MiniQuick or PG38-3000 fitted with MQ Tooling.