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5895 Sports Shirt Framing System Post GREY

The specially shaped SSFS support and the moulded fixing post make mounting a sports shirt quick and easy, and gives it a nice natural look. Framing sports shirts is increasingly popular, but traditional methods are very time consuming.

The support comes in White, Clear and Black. It is shaped so that the coloured ones hide the shirt label. Some framers apply a club badge sticker in the neck space.

If the shirt is specially large, you can mark out and cut a custom insert from foam core board. This can be fixed to the hanger with double-sided tape or plastic rivets.

Base of the Fixing Post is fixed to the frame back with a plastic screw, which can be trimmed to length. The cap screws on to hold the SSFS support. Fixing Posts come in White or Black. Diameter of Posts is 17mm.

You will need a shadow box frame with a depth of 30mm or more. Our Extra Deep Rebate, EDR, mouldings with matching spacers are ideal for the task.

Once the shirt is in place, you can adjust its drape using a T-tag MicroStitch tool, 6130.

The name and design of Sports Shirt Framing System (SSFS) are © 2005, LION PFS Ltd.

5895 Sports Shirt Framing System Fixing Post, GREY

Other colours of Fixing Posts available:

5893  SSFS Fixing Post WHITE
5894  SSFS Fixing Post BLACK

When ordering a SSFS Fixing Post, you should order a Support in your choice of colour:

5870  SSFS Support WHITE
5871  SSFS Support CLEAR
5872  SSFS Support BLACK

Product information updated July 2019


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