ArtWrap - Two Minute Canvas System

ArtWrap - the Two Minute Canvas System in six popular sizes.

ArtWrap helps you print and stretch canvases in four sizes up to 12” x 16” on a 17” printer and up to six sizes up to 20” x 30” on a 24” printer. Only an office stapler with 93mm throat and good scissors are required. Almost anyone can produce a beautifully stretched and finished canvas in five minutes or so, and with practice, as little as two minutes.

PRINT your canvas, using the free-to-use QuickPro software which adds the side border in your choice of styles and adds a trim line. Trim to the line with good scissors. Simply upload your image to the QuickPro Software is available at:

STAPLE the trimmed canvas to the very clever and patented die-cut backing board.

FOLD the board as per the instructions. The action of folding stretches the canvas taught.

FINISH by fitting the stiff black backing board.

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