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Blade Sharpening

Some framers send us their blades every time. Others use us from time to time. The worst case is when blades are sent to a service which uses a dry grinding machine - here the blades can sometimes be overheated, and go soft, an irreversible process which ruins the blades.

There is no way of us knowing this until we have done a re-sharpening.

Poorly sharpened and adjusted blades are one of the major frustrations in any frame workshop.

Blades for Morso and similar cutters are made by brazing a strip of very hard steel into the backing steel plate. It is this hard strip which is later precision ground to give the super sharp cutting edge.

This brazing is done in an oven and in doing so, internal stresses are set up. Sometimes, either through natural action, or as the result of sharpening, the blade may warp very slightly, or a minute ‘hill’ can form on the flat surface. The tell tale sign of this is that the blades feel like they are ‘pushing’ the moulding away. This can be worse on wide, flat, mouldings.

Some blades come to us with large chips in the cutting edge. Before we can sharpen those, the chips have to be ground out on our Abwood machine. It takes a technician around 20 minutes to remove 1mm.

 Always take care with your blades, for when chips are removed, we have to grind away good hardsteel to get a clean edge. There is about 19mm of useful hard steel on new blades, and we take off up to 0.2mm during a normal sharpening and a lot more when we remove a chip. If we never need to grind out a chip, then your blades can be good for up to 100 sharpenings. 

Once the overall blade width gets down to 59mm, it can no longer be re-sharpened.

Should our inspection show that your blade faces are uneven, we can grind them flat. Generally, and if we always re-sharpen your blades, this treatment will only be needed once in their lifetime.

The Lion blade sharpening service is supervised by a trained technician. Every pair of blades we receive is checked, measured and a report logged. If you call us, we can send you a copy. To help us track blades, we stamp a unique serial number in the softer backing steel.

They are sharpened on a similar grinding machine to that used by Dan-List. It has two wheels, a larger coarse one and a smaller, very fine, one. The first hollow grinds the cutting edge, the second hones it. Flood coolant systems on our grinding machines keep the blades cool.

The Lion blade sharpening equipment and quality system have been inspected and approved by a
director of Dan-List a/s.

LION Blade Sharpening options:

Standard Blade Sharpening
We will carefully grind and finely hone the cutting edges. This assumes no more than very minor
chips. If we find chips more than 1.0mm deep, we must do extra work.

3690 Blades - Re-Sharpen only £ 22.36

Chip Removal
Removal of any chips of 1mm or more from cutting edges, before shrapening 

3690A Chip removal, extra £ 12.80

Full Blade Service & Sharpening
If you want them fully serviced, we will remove any chips, check the faces and, if required, grind them perfectly flat. Then we grind and finely hone the cutting edges.

3690B Blades - Full service £ 37.50

‘Hill’ Removal
Grinding off any minute ‘hills’ from the flat faces of the blades, prior to sharpening

3690C ‘Hill’ removal £ 12.80

After technical inspection of your blades, we may contact you to discuss any extra work which maybe required.


Just send your blades to:

Lion Picture Framing Supplies Limited

148 Garrison Street


B9 4BN

Please put your card or Lion a/c number, contact details and return address on the inside and on the outside of the box. Indicate if an order is enclosed. Prices above are ‘plus carriage’ but there is only one carriage charge on any number of pairs of blades returned to you.

Alternatively, we will be happy to arrange a collection of your blades with a charge of £10.

For reasons of safety, we will return any blades received in polystyrene or other wrapping in a wooden blade box, Lion ref. 2492 and charge you. 



Drop your blades off at a DPD Pickup shop

Now it’s easier to send us your Morso blades for sharpening. Drop them off at any of the 2,500 DPD Pickup Shops around the UK.

Simply contact our sales team. Give them your Lion customer ref and ask for a DPD blade Pickup. We will email you a label to tape firmly to the blade box. Then drop it off at a convenient DPD Pickup Shop. No paperwork needed.

• Collection cost from a DPD Pickup shop is £5.50 + vat. This will be added to your sharpening
invoice - nothing to pay at the Pickup shop.
• We’ll call you before they are ready to send back by DPD, and from then you can track them.
• Blades must be packed in wooden box.
• DPD will not collect the blades from your workshop, but they will deliver them back to you.