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4796B FrameCo EZY Measuring Table metric

Key to successful framing is to cut mitres at exactly 45°, and to cut each pair to exactly the same length. This measure makes it simple for you, and it can be fitted to most hand (and some electric) mitre saws.

We suggest that you attach the saw and the Ezy Measure to a base board. This keeps it aligned and allows you to hang it up. Make up a left-hand moulding support with scrap wood.

The accurate printed scale is calibrated during set-up. Then, for each frame, you simply read off the desired rebate length. The sliding stop ensures that the next piece you cut will be exactly the same length.

Ezy Measuring TABLE comes in two sections which plug together, to give a maximum working length of 1140mm.

Ezy Measuring Table EXTENSION: An extra piece to allow you to measure mouldings up to 1680mm (Part no. 5593).


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TypeMitre saw extensions
ForMitring frame moulding