PREMIUM Stretcher Bars 406mm 16" 1 pair FSC Mix 70%

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P406 PREMIUM Stretcher Bars 406mm 16" 1 pair FSC Mix 70%

Premium Stretcher Bars are 44mm wide, making them resistant to bending up to big sizes

Premium Brace Bars can be fitted to further strengthen the stretcher frame, whatever the shape. The Premium stretcher bar profile has a 20mm tall back face with a smoothly rounded lip to lift the canvas away from the bar surface.

REVISED PROFILE: In April 2021 we changed supplier of our Premium Stretcher Bars - same excellent quality but now FSC® certified and even better value. Made from finger-jointed slow growing Baltic pine. Premium Stretcher Bars now work only with Premium Brace Bars.

Premium Stretcher Bars supplied from April 2021 are to a slightly different profile to those supplied before. Which means that they are not compatible with any Premium Stretcher Bars purchased prior. If this is a problem, let us know and we will help sort it out.

Premium Stretcher Bars take Premium Brace Bars and help minimise the possibility of longer sides bowing under canvas tension. Premium Stretcher Bars of 762mm and longer are notched in the centre of the inner face to take Premium Brace Bars. Premium Brace Bars are notched to cross at the centre and sit flush.

Premium Stretcher Bars are 44mm x 20mm lip height. 16.5mm thick 

10% discount when ordering 20 pairs or more of the same size

P406  Premium Stretcher Bars 406mm / 16" 1 pair with wood wedges. FSC Mix 70%

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Product info updated May 2021


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