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Colourmount Bevel Tape Black 48mm x 25m

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CB872 Colourmount Bevel Tape Black 48mm x 25m

Self-adhesive bevel wrapping tapes from Colourmount.

They exactly match five of their most popular mount board colours.

In rolls 48mm x 25m / 1.9" x 82ft.

How to apply Colourmount Bevel Tape:

1) Cut the bevel window front mount. This is cut in the normal way, to the size required. Remember that once the bevelled strips have been applied, the finished window will be a little smaller than the original opening.

2) Wrapping the bevel strips should be between 60mm and 100mm wide. Check that they are long enough for the mount you are working on. Draw light pencil lines on the face of the strips, app 12mm / ½” in from the edge. These act as guides when applying the decorative tape. 

3) Select the decorative tape. Part-remove the release paper. Apply the paper up to the line, carefully align then press down. The edge will hang over the bevelled edge. Lift the strip, turn over and place flat on a clean surface. Pick it up by the opposite edge and carefully ‘roll’ the strip, taking care to ensure that the tape adheres to the bevel edge. Smooth this down with your fingers. Then, keep on rolling to form a sharp fold around the tip of the bevel.

4) Roll it right over and smooth down with fingers.

5) Cutting the strips to length mark the wrapped strips to length. The actual length is not too critical, provided it is longer than the opening in the top mount. Cut using the bevel cutting blade on your mountcutter. Don’t cut square; angle the strip so that the cut at one end is back at about 85°, to form a slight ‘point’. This point should be at the corresponding end of each of the four strips.

6) Positioning the wrapped strips temporarily position the first strip, A, with tape,. This first strip should go right across one long inner edge of the window mount. It will be removed and re-positioned later. You can have the slope of the bevel on the strip in line with the slope of the bevel on the mount, or it can be slightly forward. It is a matter of taste.

7) Take another cut length of bevelled strip, B, and push it up to strip A. Check alignment and then secure in place with ATG or Finger Lift tape.

8) Do the same with the next strip, C. Then carefully remove strip A. Position and fix strip D up to C.

9) Re-position piece A up to B and D. If any are too long, just cut them off. The back of the finished deep bevel mount should be flat over most of the area. You can fill in gaps by cutting and taping small pieces or strips into place.

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PUB039 Mount Bevel Wrapping

Working with self-adhesive materials in cold weather?

When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.



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PUB039 Mount Bevel Wrapping

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