FrameTek FrameSpace FS 3-2 Clear 13mm 18m

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2726 FrameTek FrameSpace FS 3-2 Clear 13mm 18m

FrameSpace® Spacer Strips – Roughly S-shaped, they grip onto the edge of the glass around 2.0mm

FS 2 gives a 5mm air space and FS 3-2 gives a 13mm air space. All are 4.6mm wide.

Each profile of spacer strip is available in Clear, White and Black.

It is positioned by clipping over the edge of the glass and/or the backing board. It helps if you lightly stone the sharp edges first. See Telum diamond pad, 1047

All FrameSpace profiles are supplied in 1.524m / 5' lengths.

2726  FS 3-2 CLEAR 13mm spacing. Pack of 12 x 1.524m lengths, 18m/60' total

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FrameTek FrameSpace and EconoSpace spacer strips:

Extruded from acid-free polymers with no plasticisers. Help you create a space between the artwork and the glass.

Paper Conservation: An image on paper in contact with the glass can absorb condensation. This causes discoloration and deterioration. Spacers are essential when framing without a mount.

Shadow Boxes: Use them when framing an embossed or heavily textured print, or a small object.

Maximum Frame Size: If you use FrameSpace, there is no limit, up to 1500mm / 60". When using EconoSpace, we suggest a max horizontal width of 600mm / 24" app. Always rest the cross piece on the verticals.

More ideas at www.frametek.com


PUB069  How to use FrameSpace & EconoSpace spacer strips

PUB047  Float Mounting of Heavy Art Paper

Product information updated May 2019

How to use FrameSpace Art Spacers


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