Logan 2000 Push style Hand Bevel Mountcutter

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402 Logan 2000 Push style Hand Bevel Mountcutter

Aluminium chassis with the blade held on a sliding holder. The blade slides through a precision machined slot in the base of the chassis, which stabilises it for better cutting.

It does that by holding the blade at the correct angle as it is pushed into the mountboard at the correct angle. This helps minimise 'hooking' at the start of a cut. There is an adjustable stop to set blade depth.

The cutting tip of the blade is not visible, but guide marks on the holder indicate start and stop positions for the cut.

Made in USA. Use Logan 270D mountcutter blades, pack includes five blades.


The #2000 slides alongside a guide rail and can become a #302 which hooks onto a guide rail by fitting the plastic guides, Lion ref 6131.

The same guides can be fitted to the #4000, which then becomes a #702. The #302 and #702 cutters are only included in kits and are not available separately.

With the guides fitted, the #2000 and #4000 will also hook onto Keencut Safety Edges.

402  Logan Push-style hand bevel mountcutter

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More info:

Click here for the Logan Information Page from LION

You will find a full listing of the Logan blades range available from LION. Also, five illustrated books, all free to download, on picture framing, mount cutting, mount decoration and working with foamboard using FoamWerks cutting tools.

Product information updated April 2020


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Q: Does the Logan 2000 pack include any blades?

Yes, the Logan 2000 comes with five blades.

Q: Will this cutter bevel cut 5mm fomecore

Yes, the adjustable depth on this cutter will easily allow for cutting 5mm Fome-Cor boards.

Q: Is there any adjustment of the blade for ddifferent thickness of mount board?

There is an adjustable stop to set blade depth.

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Logan 2000 Push Style Mount Cutter

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