Wall Hook for Pictures pack 20

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5795 Wall Hook for Pictures pack 20

Screw to a wall, singly or in pairs, to carry heavier pictures and mirrors. Slots for adjustment of level when used in pairs and two holes for final fixing

Cord, wire or chain all fit over this hook. Strap hangers, heavy-duty hangers, CWH Hangers and wider D-rings can also be used.

Steel, nickel plated. 51mm x 14mm, 1.3mm thick. Slot and holes are 4mm diameter.

5795  Wall Hook for Pictures ZP pack 20

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More info:

On our load tests, this hook failed at 110kg. Our suggested SWL is 25kg as it is likely that the screws may start to pull out of the wood before the hook itself fails above that load.

Product information updated October 2020


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TypePicture hooks
ForPicture hanging
Max Load25kg