ECO25+ Self Adhesive Tape 25mm x 50m 1 roll

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5931 ECO25+ Self Adhesive Tape 25mm x 50m 1 roll

Many framers seal the backs of frames with their choice of flexible brown self-adhesive tape. Such tapes stick to themselves and are easy to shape into the angles

Easy to tear or cut, ECO25+ tapes give an attractive finish to the frame and is cost effective. It is more opaque than ECO15+ but not quite as good as tesa #4341. Store in a warm but not hot, and dry place. May absorb airborne moisture and wrinkle if stored in a cold or damp place.

- Thickness, backing + adhesive, 110µ-
- Tensile strength tba N/cm
- Adhesion to steel 4.25 N/c
- Elongation at break 6%,
- Temperature resistance tba°C
- Adhesive - natural rubber

5931  ECO 25+  Flexible self-adhesive brown tape  25mm x 50m roll

Order in 1’s, or save by ordering in sleeves of 12 or full box of 72.

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More info:

Click here to view the range of ECO 15+, ECO 25+, tesa 4309 and tesa 4341 flexible tapes.

Compare the technical specifications:

 ECO25tesa 4309tesa 4341
Total thickness 110µ 170µ 190µ
Tensile strength N/cm tba 47 53
Adhesion to steel N/cm 4.25 3.5 4.7
Elongation to break 6% 12% 13%
Temperature resistance °C 60 120 140
Adhesive Nat'l rubber Nat'l rubber Nat'l rubber

Should the need arise, ECO, tesa and similar crepe tapes can often be removed by soaking with Lighter Fluid, 502 or Adhesive Remover, 7741

Working with self-adhesive materials in cold weather? When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.

Product information updated April 2021


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