Bambi BB24V 50lpm Compressor Single

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6775 Bambi BB24V 50lpm Compressor Single

Bambi Silent Compressors

Ideally suited to applications requiring low volumes of compressed air and where total silence is essential. Not oil free.

• Fitted with adjustable pressure regulator and 10µ air filter

• 6775 does not need annual test

• Full 8 Bar / 120psi working pressure

• Auto Drain saves operators time

• Made in UK with full after-sales support

Bambi Quiet & Silent Compressors

Noise levels can be very subjective and there are many variables including background noise and the acoustic environment. We suggest that you visit our warehouse and have a listen.

Typically, you might run an underpinner and an air tool off a compressor. These should normally be run at different pressures. We can advise on regulator and piping layout.

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