Gilders Paste Coral Red 27ml

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Gilders Paste Coral Red 27ml

Gilder’s Paste is an excellent product for putting a metallic finish on frames and objets. For technical reasons it does not make a great filler as it shrinks a little when it dries. It is only for this reason we are deleting it from our range.

A durable wax finish for frames, furniture, and more!

Gilders Paste® is a wax based medium used to colour and/or highlight bare wood or to transform existing moulding.

Gilders Paste can be applied using a soft cloth, finger, brush, or spatula. Can be dry brushed on or softened by adding thinner. Lightly polishing Gilders Paste will produce a shiny metallic finish.

Dries to the touch in around 15 minutes and after 12 hours will not stain, chip or peel and is ready to polish for a gilded appearance.

A little Gilders Paste goes a long way:

Small tin, 27ml, covers over 3 sq mts / 30 sq.ft.
Large tin, 92 ml, covers over 10 sq mts / 100 sq.ft.

Tips for Using Gilders Paste

• Gilders Paste can be directly applied with your finger, sponge, paint brush or cloth.
• Lightly buffing metallic colours, after 12 hours of drying, will produce a gilded finish.
• Will accept a coat of clear lacquer such as Krylon to achieve a uniform appearance. This also provides further durability.
• For very smooth surfaces lightly abrade the surface with fine steel wool or similar.
• Rubbing base coat immediately after application with a dry cloth or slightly wet with thinner will remove Gilders Paste from the relief detail and highlight depressed details. Lightly brushing Gilder's Paste over the top will highlight the relief details.
• Store above 55° F. Apply above 60° F.

Gilders Paste is designed to dry to a durable hard wax finish. This is only achieved by the evaporation of the solvent which makes the paste soft. Sometimes it will look dried out in the tin and cracks can appear. If so, simply work in a splash of turps or white spirit.

Solvent content means that this product is classed as flammable for overseas despatch.


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