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Keencut Evolution E2 Cutter 3100mm

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7175D Keencut Evolution E2 Cutter 3100mm

The Keencut Evolution E2 offer unrivalled levels of accuracy and convenience.

A future-proof cutting solution with maximum flexibility for use in a production facility. Evolution E2 cuts and trims the output of most sizes and types of roll feed or flatbed printer. Handles flags, banners, card, PVC Foamboard up to 6mm, foamcore and much more.

An integrated wide-format cutting system designed to revolutionise the speed, accuracy and convenience of the print finishing process.

Ultra-high precision

The Evolution E2 sheet material cutter cuts within 0.2mm of a straight line, this means fewer mistakes and less waste. Delivered pre-calibrated and checked for straigtness along the length of the cutter.

Wide format

One of the largest wide-format sheet cutters available on the market, capable for cutting large items accurately.

Twin cutting head

The Keencut E2 is supplied with four blade holders as standard:

2 x Graphik, for maximum flexibility and two direction cutting

1 x medium duty, for general purpose materials

1 x rotary blade holder, for textiles, paper and other delicate materials

Choose two blade holders at a time and change quickly and easily between two different settings.

Integrated cutting strip

No seperate cutting mat needed, the strip supports the material being cut for a superior cut.

Safety in mind

Magnetic blade holders helps to prevent blades being dropped. Blade holders are spring loaded, blades are retracted when no pressure is applied. Safer than a hand held blade and straight edge as there's no chance of them becoming detached.

Store when not in use

The cutter flips forwards 270°, hanging at a right angle in front of the bench. The work surface can then be used for other purposes when the Keencut E2 is not in use. Make full use of work space without the lengthy process of removing the cutter.

Unique clamping system

The whole clamp is raised by pulling the level at either end, leaving both hands free for positioning the material. Once lowered the soft silicon fitted to the underside protects and grips the media being cut.

Depth adjustment

The cutting blade can be adjusted to the correct depth. If it's too shallow the cut will be incomplete, if too deep the blade will flex.


Mounts to most bench surfaces with brackets specially designed to optimise alignment. The Keencut Big Bench is ideal.

E2 comes complete with 4 blade holders:

1 x Medium Duty
2 x Graphik
1 x Fabric

Please contact Jack Siwinski if you would like more details.


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