Brace Bar Sockets pack of 2

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7235 Brace Bar Sockets pack of 2

With larger or odd-shaped stretcher frames for canvas, there is often a need to fit brace bars to minimise bowing of the frame. Many Lion stretcher bars are notched for ready-made brace bars with tongues on each end to fit.

This alternative method uses moulded brace bar sockets which screw onto the inside faces of opposite stretcher bars. The socket takes brace bar strip profile,18mm x 44mm. The back face of the socket is 72mm x 19mm with two holes for screws.

The wooden brace bar strip profile, 18mm x 44mm, is square cut to length and laid into the sockets. Oval holes on the sides take screws and allow for the effective length to be adjusted to tension the frame. 

Brace Bar Sockets used in combination with Brace Bar Strip Profile have a variety of uses:

• Retro-fit to stretched canvas frames where brace bars have not been fitted

• Fit to Stretcher Bars that do not have a cut-out for Brace Bars or where the correct size Brace Bar is not available. Slotted screw holes in the Sockets allow for re-tensioning

• Add strength to stretcher frames made with stretcher profile in lengths

• Use to strengthen traditional frames where there is sufficient rebate depth

Brace Bar strip profile is 18mm x 44mm and is supplied in varying lengths, typically around 3m. Please order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length.

7235  Brace bar sockets pack of 2

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TypeBrace bar sockets
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