Keencut Javelin Integra Cutter Bar 1600mm



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7575A Keencut Javelin Integra Cutter Bar 1600mm

The Javelin Integra with ultra-high precision, flexible tool options and easy portability.


Cuts canvas, laminate films, PVC foamboard up to 6mm, vinyl, woven fabrics, foam boards and many more flexible and rigid materials up to 10mm using a medium duty blade. Cut up to 13mm when using a Graphik blade.

Precision cutting

Adjusted by Keencut technicians to be straight to within 0.2mm over the whole machine length. Ideal for cutting large materials.

Integrated cutting base

The Keencut Javelin Integra has a lightweight anodised aluminium base with an angled rear edge for easy loading of materials. A silicon strip holds materials securely when clamped.

Light & hold clamping system

Handles at either side of the cutter operate independently, allowing each side to be lifted one at a time. This helps when positioning media.

Keencut cutting head

Three blade holders are included as standard:

Graphik, for maximum flexibilty and cuttingin either direction.

Medium Duty, for cutting general purpose materials.

Rotary, for textiles, paper, and other delicate materials.


The slim Keencut Integra can be easily mounted to any bench with a suitably flat surface. Alternatively, fix to a Keencut bench constructed from extruded aluminum.

Depth adjustment

The cutting blade can be adjusted to the correct depth. If it's too shallow the cut will be incomplete, if too deep the blade will flex.

Dimensions when packed

1890 x 220 x 150mm, 24kg


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