Spray Adhesive EXTRA STRONG 500ml TESA

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7739 Spray Adhesive EXTRA STRONG 500ml TESA

Extra Strong by TESA is ideal for permanently bonding materials such as fabric, plastic, cardboard, foam rubber, vinyl and leather to each other or to metal and wood

Handy for boxes for memorabilia framing

• High bonding range. Nozzle adjusts for spray quantity; High, Medium or Low. Spray can be horizontal or vertical

• Synthetic rubber base, easily reversed with lighter fluid

Can is a big 500ml

All TESA sprays are free from silicone and chlorinated solvents

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Working with self-adhesive materials in cold weather? When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.

Product information updated May 2020


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TypeSpray adhesives
ForBonding surfaces