Inmes Saw Blade 350mm x 30mm x 108th Wood

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7773 Inmes Saw Blade 350mm x 30mm x 108th Wood

INMES Circular Saw Blades - for superior cuts on Wood, Polymer and Aluminium mouldings

Blade plates: Precision laser cut from high grade hardened carbon steel, tensioned to remain straight and true as the blade comes up to speed.

High grade steel: Achieves a thinner kerf without compromising on vibration absorption, delivering smooth, quiet cutting. A thinner kerf demands less power from the saw, minimising friction and associated heat build-up, which can cause distortion of the blade.

Laser-cut 30mm bore: The blade fits precisely onto the arbor, so the teeth maintain a consistent path through the moulding.

Laser-cut expansion slots: around the edge stops blades warping and losing tension as heat builds up.

Vibration & Acoustic reduction: Computer designed by Inmes, many blades have laser cut vibration dampening cut-outs. These interrupt the spread of vibration, delivering a fine quality cut and 40% less noise.

Highly durable Nanograin carbide teeth: The nano size TCT particles give an edge which is sharper and needs re-grinding less frequently. Must be sharpened with a very fine particle diamond grinding wheel for a clean and accurate cut.

Tooth configurations: These are specifically tailored to wood, polymer or aluminium. The rake on blades for aluminium is negative, to inhibit overly fast cutting rate and the tendency to grab and climb the material.

These high quality circular saw blades are manufacured in Italy for INMES. They fit all popular saws from Inmes, Cassese, Alfamacchine, Brevitti and most others.

7773 Inmes Saw Blade 350mm x 30mm x 108th Wood

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