FoamWerks Freestyle Foam Board Cutter

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9259 FoamWerks Freestyle Foam Board Cutter

Cut free-form shapes with this innovative push-style cutter.

Just insert the blade into the board and push to follow the desired shape. Ergonomic handle with on-board blade storage, blade safety shield and two blades.

Freestyle Cutter works with 5mm /3/16” foam board. Use WB blades.

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More info:

The book, ‘Foam Board Magic’ was commissioned from the author, Eileen Hull, by Logan Graphics to help demonstrate all kinds of creative ideas for using foam board with the unique FoamWerks range of tools. It has lots and lots of great ideas, with photos in colour, in its 66 pages. It is available for download, free, here.

IMPORTANT: Always use a scrap piece of foam board underneath the piece you are cutting with a Foam Werks tool. This protects the tool and extends the life of the blades.

Product information updated April 2020


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