DSR Micro Dust Cleaning Roller 300mm

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9228 DSR Micro Dust Cleaning Roller 300mm

The ASR 300 roller lifts the tiniest specs of dust from the surface it is rolled over. No more wasted work through dust on prints and laminates.

When using a cleaning cloth, a brush or a blow gun, the dust is pushed away to the sides and edges, to creep back again soon after. If you use this DSR roller, dust particles, small and minute, attach themselves to it as you roll it across the surface.

To clean, simply roll it across a sticky board, such a piece of Daler Xtra-Tak or Colourmount Thick Tak. Dust and particles are left behind, making it ready to use again. You can also wash it in warm water with some detergent, but do not use fabric conditioner.

The ASR 300 DSR roller is made of medium-soft silicone rubber that will not damage the surface and will not stick to most open adhesive surfaces, making it very easy to clean.

It has a very strong construction, with the precision formed silicone roller mounted in high quality ball bearings. The ergonomic moulded handle doubles as a stand.

IMPORTANT: Never leave it parked with the roller down on a surface as it can soon acquire a ‘flat’. Always park it upside down, roller up.

9228 DSR Roller is 300mm / 12” wide. Store in a safe place, treat it well and it should last for years.


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