Keencut Hot Knife Holder for AZ Model TC20

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9522 Keencut Hot Knife Holder for AZ, Model TC20

Use with any of the following Keencut Cutters:

• Sabre Hot Cut
• Sabre Series 1 & 2
• Evolution Series 1 & 2
• Javelin Integra
• Javelin Series 1 & 2 when mounted to a Big Bench only

A safe, quick and accurate means of cutting and sealing synthetic fabrics, belting, webbing and more. The Keencut Hot Knife Holder is easily attached and features a spring loaded mounting block to allow for easy mounting to the cutter's slideway.

The patented Keencut bearing and slide system has near silent operation, allows for user adjustment and requires minimal maintenance.


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TypeKeencut accessories
ForCutting sheet materials