Value PURE Conservation Barrier Card 0.7mm 1 sheet FSC Mix Credit

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V4012 Value PURE Conservation Barrier Card 0.7mm 1 sheet FSC Mix Credit

Value PURE Conservation Barrier Card is Pale Cream on both faces and the core. Two-ply so stays flat.

Solid core, 0.7mm thick. Sheets 1200 x 800mm / 47" x 31.5" 

Available in single sheets or with a price break at 50 sheets

+ Surface and core is virtually speck-free 

+ Use as a conservation quality barrier between the backing board and the art

+ Meets FATG Conservation mountboard standard, Level 2

+ All Value PURE boards are FSC™ Mix Credit certified

Value Pure mountboards are made in Sweden in a mill certified to ISO 14001 with a continuing programme to maintain its position as probably the most environmentally friendly paper mill in the world.

Virtually speck-free. All the mill ever makes are white and pale cream papers. Many other mills make white papers first, gradually working through the rainbow ending with dark colours. Then they clean the whole machine out and start all over again. But it’s impossible to clean out all the dark fibres, so some can end up as specks on the surface of the lighter papers.

That can rarely happen with Value PURE solid colour Conservation and DUO White Core board, and their surfaces and core are virtually speck-free. Solid colour Conservation is Pale Cream, also known as Pure, right through. DUO White Core has layers of Off-White with a final layer of Pale Cream, sometimes also known as Lynx with Pure.

The super-efficient production process means that Value PURE boards are FSC™ certified, PAT tested and meet the Guild Conservation standard, Level 2, all at favourable prices.

V4012  Value PURE Conservation Barrier card 0.7mm

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Product information updated August 2019

LION Mixed Mountboard Despatch, LMMD: Ordering sheet material from LION is easy, you don't have to order in full packs. Mix and match single sheets of mountboard and other selected sheet materials. You just need to order a mixture of at least ten sheets in total.


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