Bear Claw Hook Screws Black 43mm pack 25

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9854 Bear Claw Hook Screws Black 43mm pack 25

Bear Claw hook screws, patented, have a double head. The inner head sits on the surface of the wall to keep the screw stable under load. The outer head forms a hook to hang pictures. It takes cord and wire. It also takes sawtooth hangers and many types of D-ring. They also work well when used in pairs to hang most types of aluminium frame – they tuck into the channel.

Bear Claw hook screws are available in two lengths: 43mm in black finish and 34mm in gold finish. Designed by Hangman. Great for most drywall / plasterboard walls.

Install with any kind of cross-head screwdriver. Often, no pilot hole is required, the Bear Claw screws have a self-drilling tip for easy installation in most drywall materials. Otherwise, drill a hole and use plugs in the normal way.

Bear Claw, black finish, screws are 43mm long, and the head is 7.3mm dia. For cord and chain up to 8.5mm dia. Takes frames up to 12kg, depending upon quality of wall material and installation.

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TypePicture screws
ForPicture hanging
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