Alfamacchine AG-3000 Auto Gauge for T400/350

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9762A Alfamacchine AG-3000 Auto Gauge for T400/350

The AG-3000 Auto Measurement System is designed to be integrated with either of the Alfamacchine Double-mitre saws, T-350 and T-400.

This creates a complete system that automatically sets moulding lengths and precisely cuts 45° mitre joints. This is a highly productive system for picture framing, canvas framing, mirror fabrications and joinery.

• Powered positioning stop offers precision and repeatable cutting up to 3000mm
• Automatic rebate width measurement device (optional)
• Common barcode format with other Alfamacchine equipment (optional)

Includes the Alfamacchine Width Measurement Device.


9763 Width Measurement Device (for replacements)

9764 Barcode Scanner

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