Foam Edge Protector Corners B 25-35mm pack 120

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9909C Foam Edge Protector Corners B 25-35mm pack 120

Foam Edge Protection is quick and neat to apply and reduces the risk of damage to the frame and art in transit

Your customers will be really impressed by the quality of the protective wrapping.

Our range offers a choice of four profiles, for frames from 15mm up to 65mm tall. The Corners and Strips have matching profiles.

The foam edge protection Strips are easily cut to length or notched with a breadknife or similar. The pre-formed foam Corners just clip onto the moulding and can be secured with HandyWrap. 

All foam Strips are 2m long and exactly match the profiles of the pre-formed foam Corners. Strips are available in a choice of pack quantities.

9909C  Foam Edge Protector CORNERS B 25mm - 35mm  pack 120 

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9905A  Foam Edge Protector STRIPS B 25mm - 35mm  2m  pack 24/48m

9905B  Foam Edge Protector STRIPS B 25mm - 35mm  2m  pack 125/250m

9944    Samples Pack contains one of each Corner and a piece of each Strip

2884    HandyWrap 23mn, 10 rolls plus handle

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Click here to see the full range of four profiles in CORNERS and STRIPS 

Profile A Corners & Strips to fit mouldings 15mm - 25mm tall

Profile B Corners & Strips to fit mouldings 25mm - 35mm tall

Profile C Corners & Strips to fit mouldings 30mm - 45mm tall

Profile D Corners & Strips to fit mouldings 45mm - 65mm tall

Click here to see PUB095 information sheet

Product information updated November 2020


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