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Logan Mitre Saw Fence Kit

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9928 Logan Mitre Saw Fence Kit

Mitre Saw Measuring Fence and Stop kit for many hand and single blade electric mitre saws. Measures and mitre cuts up to approx. 1345mm.

This kit, developed and made by Logan, can be fitted to work with many hand and single-blade electric mitre saws. The printed measuring scale, metric only, allows accurate measuring of the rebate length of the moulding to be mitre cut. The adjustable stops ensure that each mitred pair is exactly the same length.

The two fences are cut from a substantial custom extrusion. Support brackets are in two parts. The upper brackets twin-bolt to a T-slot in the underside, to allow lengthwise adjustment. The wide, stable, bottom brackets have slots with twin-bolts for vertical adjustment

+ Works with many hand and single-blade electric mitre saws (saw not included).

+ Measures and cuts mouldings up to 1345mm approx long and up to 65mm approx. wide.

+ Fences are made from heavy-gauge extruded aluminium channel, 70mm wide, with back fence   45mm high. Left-hand moulding support is 565mm approx.

+ Use a base board around 2200mm x 400mm, 18mm thick. This allows for both parts of the saw fence and the width of the saw. Plywood is best. Build the short left-hand fence, the mitre saw and the long right-hand fence up on that. Use something very straight to align the back fences of all three.

+ Works with most wood and PS mouldings. Not advised for aluminium profiles.

+ We advise that the mouldings be clamped into place with hand ratchet clamps, as picture. Easily available from most hardware stores at low cost. Best to have 4 small/medium and 4 larger. See pictures.

+ Length stops are finger adjustable and designed not to touch the pointed end of the moulding, so no damage.

+ Fully illustrated instructions available in English, French, German and Spanish. Scroll down to ‘More Info’.

9928 Logan Mitre Saw Fence Kit / Logan ref: #F100-5-MET

Lion do not offer hand or power mitre saws. There are lots to be found on the web. Tip – buy the most expensive one you can afford

See also:

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6072 Logan Precision Sander, for finishing mitre cut faces

More info:

UK Logan F100 Instructions

International Logan F100 Instructions

Product information updated July 2019



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More Info

More Info

Download this document

Logan F100-5 Saw Fence Kit Instruction Manual UK

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Download this document

Logan F100-5 Saw Fence Kit Instruction Manual International

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