Kit for neatly trimming hanging rails to length

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10151 Kit for neatly trimming hanging rails to length

You can order all our Newly and Stas hanging rails in single lengths, usually 2m and 3m, in any quantities. That helps you reduce the amount of cutting and waste. However, you will mostly need to make a few cuts. Cutting freehand can often mean slightly wonky cuts.

We’ve put together this little kit which contains all you need (well, you will also need a bit of DIY skill) to cut the rails square and neatly. It contains three parts, all made in UK:

- Moulded mitre box with 90° guides for the 150mm saw. It can take rail widths up to 35mm. Cut a strip of MDF to fit inside to absorb blade wear

- A Junior hacksaw with blade and a spare blade

- A moulded clamp to help hold the mitre box and rail firm on a work top

It is wise to remember that hanging rails are quite long and can easily scratch. Take a little time to plan a work area and make a same-height support for the long end. A WorkMate type table can help and also a second person.

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Product introduced January 2020


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