Isopropyl Alcohol Surface Cleaner 400ml aerosol

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10304 Isopropyl Alcohol Surface Cleaner 400ml aerosol

100% Isopropyl alcohol in an aerosol for deep cleaning of objects and preparation of surfaces prior to bonding or painting.

Applications of the 100% Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning spray are many and varied.

General cleaning: Cleans any surface from any environment domestic and professional. It makes it easy to remove dust and dirt spots from delicate places such as electronic, magnetic, optical, computer components, ATMs, 3D printers, etc.

Surface preparation prior to using adhesives and paint: Dissolves and removes residual grease to help improve adhesion.

Sterilising all touchable surfaces.: Including door knobs, switch panels, seats, appliance handles, etc.

• Convenient 400ml aerosol spray.

• Full technical information on 100% Isopropyl Alcohol at: wiki/isopropyl alcohol.

• Helps to remove dirt, grease and oil spots and contaminants.

• Reach into every corner – easily can be orientated in any direction to reach inaccessible places with its precision and pressure. Clean large surface areas quickly.

• Evaporates quickly, leaving no residue on the surface. In the case of cleaning a delicate surface, use clean microfibre cloth to minimise abrasion.

• When used to prepare surfaces prior to painting or bonding, the surface is ready almost instantaneously.

Delivery notice: This item is classed as flammable and therefore cannot be shipped overseas.

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Do not use this spray on electrical equipment when live. Do not use near a naked flame.

Product introduced December 2020


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