Framing Band Clamp Steel 5m by Inglet

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1016 Framing Band Clamp Steel 5m by Inglet

Specially made for clamping wooden picture frames. Also useful for furniture repairs.

Very high quality with steel banding and steel tensioning system. The moulded corner pieces are threaded onto the steel band so it is much quicker to use. The corner pieces are 15mm tall, allowing flexibility in use.

The corner pieces are moulded. Unlock side handle and carefully ease out steel banding from the coil. Then lock side handle.

Apply tension with the main handle.

The steel banding is 5m long, 6mm wide and will not stretch.

Lubricate screw threads regularly. Do not over-tighten. DO NOT pull the banding out of the coil. The spring around the coil of banding should be eased around the coil.

Made in Spain

1016  Steel Band Clamp with 5m of 6mm wide banding

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Product information updated April 2020


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