FOAM LiTE Self Adhesive 5mm 1015mm x 762mm 1 sheet

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1403 FOAM LiTE Self Adhesive 5mm 1015mm x 762mm 1 sheet

High quality white, self-adhesive foam board with permanent adhesive

The aqueous acrylic permanent adhesive coating 25mn on ones side is protected by a release sheet. The PE coated surface papers minimise risk of warping during changes in air humidity. Ideal for those wanting to mount prints and posters without access to special equipment. A brayer roller can be helpful.

Suitable for many framing, display, presentation and hobby tasks.

1403  Foam board self-adhesive 5mm 1015 x 762mm / 40" x 30"  1 sheet 

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More info:

What is FOAM-LiTE foam board?

+ Lightweight graphic art board, with a high-density polystyrene foam core and liner papers on the faces
+ Light, durable and flat with good structural strength and moisture resistance. It has all kinds of applications in photo mounting, picture framing, displays and merchandising, printing, mounting and laminating
+ Available in a variety of liner combinations of paper, plastic coated paper self-adhesive and aluminium<
+ Foam-Lite is totally CFC free, pH neutral and contains no toxins or harmful substances

How is FOAM-LiTE made?

+ Polystyrene foam core is extruded and then loosely rolled up and left in a store for 30 days to allow it to out-gas
+ Specially formulated EVA based emulsion adhesives bond the polystyrene foam to the paper liners, permanently
+ After the boards have been laminated, they are dried and cooled. An automated cutter creates the required sizes ready for packing

Made in S Korea

Product part number revised and information updated August 2020

Mixed Sheet Despatch: Ordering sheet material from LION is easy, you don't have to order in full packs. Mix and match single sheets of mountboard and other selected sheet materials. You just need to order a mixture of at least ten sheets in total.


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Q: A quick question regarding price: is this product 5.84£ per sheet (40" x 30")?

Yes, price is for single sheets. Foam board can only be despatched in full cartons or packs. All sizes and thicknesses are nominal. Buy any quantity of foam-boards at our trade counter.

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