Logan 201 Oval Circle Mount Cutter

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1748 Logan 201 Oval & Circle Mount Cutter

The Logan 201 oval & circle 3-step cutter is fast, portable and very easy to use.

It cuts perfect bevelled ovals and circles. Cut single, double or even triple mounts. Adjusts from an oval to a circle cutter with a simple twist of the knob. 

Base has small sharp pins underneath to locate it on a centring cross you draw on the mountboard. The oval size differential setting is locked with a thumb screw.

The 201 3-Step carries the cutting blade on a pivoted head with a little lever, supporting a small wheel. Click the blade down one notch, and cut one turn. Then another notch and another turn, and so on.

Scales are metric and imperial. Includes creative mat cutting instructions and five blades. Use #324 blades. Made in USA

Logan 201 3 Step cuts:

OVALS: 82mm x 120mm / 3.25" x 4.75" up to 510mm x 580mm / 20" x 23"

CIRCLES: 115mm / 4.75” up to 510mm / 20” dia

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More info:

Click here for the Logan Information Page from LION

You will find a full listing of the Logan blades range available from LION. Also, five illustrated books, all free to download, on picture framing, mount cutting, mount decoration and working with foamboard using FoamWerks cutting tools.

Product information updated April 2020


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