Head Only - Simple Underpinner

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2468 Head Only - Simple Underpinner

V-Nails cannot be hammered in - they must be inserted with suitable tools.

The SIMPLE Underpinning Head fits into almost any drill stand with a 43mm opening. Mitred mouldings need to be clamped firmly together, using a band clamp or corner clamp.

A V-Nail (sometimes called a wedge) of suitable length (max 2/3 the height of the moulding) is placed vertically on the end of the magnetic tip, sharp edge down. The point of the V should be on the moulding join line. Pull the lever steadily down to squeeze in the wedge.

You'll find it helpful to make up three blocks of suitable height to support the other three corners while joining a frame.

Drill Stand, 1024, requires assembly.

Designed for use only with softer wood mouldings.


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ForJoining frame mouldings