Logan Team System Plus 1010mm Mountcutter Kit

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2718 Logan Team System Plus 1010mm Mountcutter Kit

This practical combo includes a 1010mm straight edge and the Logan 302-1 push-style Bevel Mount Cutter head for accurate cutting of bevel windows in mountboard. Also a three-position Logan 500 mat knife with a slip lock depth feature for cutting standard thickness mountboard and foamboard up to 5mm to size.

Once the mountboard has been cut to size, mark the borders on the back of the board using the scaled straight edge, position the cutting head along the guide rail and cut from line to line. The inch or metric scaled straight edge has a non-slip rubberized base. All made in USA.

A Logan straight edge can also be used with the Logan #704 Glass Cutter and the #701 Straight Cutter.

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More info:

Click here for the Logan Information Page from LION

You will find a full listing of the Logan blades range available from LION. Also, five illustrated books, all free to download, on picture framing, mount cutting, mount decoration and working with foamboard using FoamWerks cutting tools.

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