5mm Fome-Cor 1016mm x 762mm 1 sheet



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2841A 5mm Fome-Cor 1016mm x 762mm 1 sheet

Fome-Cor® Board has been the leading paper-faced foam board for more than 40 years.

The core is expanded polystyrene and unlike many other boards, this core is compressed to make it harder. For example, 3.5mm board is 5mm foam, compressed.

Lightweight, smooth and flat, laminated with clay-coated white paper on both faces. It does not have a memory.

Fome-Cor has a well-deserved reputation for performance. It cuts easily and cleanly, by hand, or on a wall cutter or a mount cutter. Well suited to screen printing, digital print work and die-cutting. Only despatched in full boxes.

5mm thick, 1016mm x 762mm / 40" x 30". Full box quantity is 25 sheets.

Also available:

1235A  5mm, 762mm x 508mm / 30" x 20"

Foam board can only be despatched in full cartons or packs. All sizes and thicknesses are nominal. Buy any quantity of foamboards at our trade counter.


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