Fine Casting Plaster 950g app.

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1553 Fine Casting Plaster 950g app.

Quick Setting - Flexible

Repairing a damaged frame often requires the building up of missing parts. This powder helps you take a mould from a good part of the frame. Can also be used for moulding childrens hands and shoes.

It is flexible, enabling it to be removed from undercuts. Use equal quantities by volume, and add mould making powder (Part no. 1380) to water and mix to stiff paste. Aim for a lump, like dough, which you press onto the part from which you wish to make a mould. Sets within minutes.

Fine casting plaster is mixed with water, and poured into the mould. It also sets very quickly. Trim to fit and stick into place with PVA glue.

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PUB048 Mould Making Powder Instructions


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PUB048 Mould Making Powder Instructions

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