Rolls Dispenser for papers and films up to 750mm wide

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3451 Rolls Dispenser for papers and films up to 750mm wide

Rolls Dispenser for safe handling of papers and films. Ideal for material on rolls up to about 750mm wide and 350mm diameter

When used singly, it is for roll widths up to about 750mm. Used in pairs, it takes rolls up to 1500mm wide. Minimum roll width 350mm. Safe for rolls up to 50kg.

Strong steel base 1.8mm thick with folded edges for strength. 600mm x 250mm, with upturn at one end to take film separator, included, 300mm long. Base has six chunky rubber 34mm dia x 25mm high feet bolted on for stability. 

On the top are six tough plastic rollers 50mm dia, 20mm wide. They are in steel mounts, each fixed with four 5.5mm bolts.

Included is a Film Separator arm, 300mm long, designed for when the roller base is used to dispense folded shrink wrap film. Made of 6mm dia, stainless steel, it has a quick release fixing to the upstand at one end.

The Rolls Dispensers are made in UK to the very highest quality standards.


For longer rolls, two Rolls Dispensers can be positioned end-to-end, to take rolls up to 1500mm.

Do not leave rolls of adhesive materials on the Rolls Dispenser when not in use - they can ‘block’ over time. They should always be stored vertically, on a horizontal bar rack or suspended in their shipping cartons. Do not leave them sitting on a shelf for any length of time. 

The six white rollers have occasional mould lines around them. These could leave fine indents on some papers and films. They can be quickly erased with fine sandpaper or similar.

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