Keencut Tech S Blades 0.012” Single Edge 100 pieces

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3845 Keencut Tech S Blades 0.012” Single Edge 100 pieces

Single edge, S, blades are ground on edge side only - some find that these help reduce hooking at corners. For bevel cutting white core and conservation mat board up to 3mm. Insert them so you can see the bevel.

They are 0.012” / 0.30mm thick. Keencut product code: #CA50-021

  • Single ground edge 0.012” /0.30mm thick. ‘Chisel edge’
  • 1.25% Carbon surgical steel
  • High strength for increased durability and reduced blade tip damage
  • Oil-free to ensure no marking of boards when first used
  • Made in Sheffield, England

Made specially for Keencut. TECH S rectangular blades fit the Ace and all ULTIMAT models. Also, the vertical cut on Futura. Use also for bevel cutting standard mountboard on Ultimat Gold, Ultimat Futura and Futura Flexo.

Also use for bevel cutting standard mountboard on Ultimat, Artist+, Ace+ and Ace.

3845  Keencut Tech S Single edge blades, 0.012" / 0.30mm  Box 100

Note: In Lion56 catalogue, p.27, 3845 blades are incorrectly numbered as 3008. Whoops, us!

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Note: In Lion56 catalogue, p.27, 3008 blades are incorrectly numbered as 3845. It happens!

Double edge blades are ground on both sides, to come to a point. Single edge blades are ground on one side only, like a chisel.

These Keencut mountcutter blades are not oiled, which is the case with most blades packed for mountcutting. No oil removes the chance of smudges of oil appearing on the mount bevel if a blade has not been properly cleaned prior to use. They go through a cleaning/degreasing process before they are sealed in the cellophane sleeves.

However, the absence of any oil makes them more vulnerable to surface corrosion in damp or humid environments. To help minimise the chances of corrosion happening, here are some guidelines:

+ When opening a pack of blades, place the opened (but re-sealed) box in a small sealable plastic box with a silica gel sachet inside. You can often save silica gel sachets from other product packaging.

+ Only open one cellophane pack at a time. You probably do this anyway.

+ Consider storing full boxes again in a sealable tub with silica gel.

If some signs of corrosion are seen on a blade it should not affect the quality of the cut providing the corrosion is not on the tip being used.


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Product information updated February 2020


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