Kolner Instacoll Clear 100ml

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2929A Kölner Instacoll Clear 100ml

Weather resistant size for gilding inside and outside with real gold transfer leaf.

Two-part acrylic 'oil' size system which cannot be burnished, but gives a natural high gloss. Seal porous surfaces with a diluted coat of Instacoll. Allow prepared surface to dry for about one hour.

The BASE is applied with a suitable synthetic brush or a spray application. After the base layer has dried, which can take up to 1 hour, it is possible to gild for 1 hour.

For a longer lasting or later gilding, the surface can be reactivated with the ACTIVATOR. The activator should be applied in a very thin layer, so that the surface is reactivated again for the metal adhesion. That activation can still be repeated after a long time. The activation is dry after a few minutes. Thereafter, the treated surface is receptive for gold leaf for at least 1 hour. The adhesion of the transfer real gold leaf occurs through pressure.

2929A  Instacoll Clear base 100ml

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