Blitz NEW Hard Wall 1 pin small Picture Hooks pack of 100 plus 10 locator fingers

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5000 Blitz NEW Hard Wall 1 pin small Picture Hooks pack of 100 plus 10 locator fingers

Blitz PLUS 1 pin small picture hooks for hard walls. Thicker, stronger, hardened steel nail works in brick, concrete and plaster. Unique locator fingers help you hold Blitz PLUS in position on wall while you hammer in the pin.

Neat little picture hook for smaller frames with wire or thin cord up to 2.0mm dia. Wide base helps keep the nail vertical while it is being hammered in. Blitz NEW base is 10mm dia, 5.4mm high. Works well in pairs. Substantial hardened pin with larger head is 13mm x 1.27mm dia. Pins penetrate the wall by app 6mm. Unique locator fingers minimise the risk of pain from a poorly aimed hammer blow.

Pack of 100 hooks with 10 locator fingers. Made in Italy.

5000  Blitz NEW 1 pin small picture hooks 100 hooks plus 10 locator fingers.

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Safe working load of PLUS 1 pin hook, based on our best judgement (untested) is 1kg This can vary with the wall material and the skill of the installer. Always use with care.

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Product information updated October 2019


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TypeHard wall hooks
ForPicture hanging
Max Load1kg