Pro Stretcher Pliers 75mm Side Tack

Pro Stretcher Pliers 75mm Side Tack
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5378 Pro Stretcher Pliers 75mm Side Tack

PROFESSIONAL Stretcher Pliers

These fit in your hand very comfortably. Jaws spring open when you release.

The double fulcrum hinge multiplies the force of your hand to the jaws, so the canvas doesn't slip as you try to tack it down.

Jaws are angled towards the front edge, leaving a gap at the back of the jaws for excess fabric. The unique pivot is what gives you the power to help you pull it really tight.

Pro 75mm / 3" Side Tack - use when the canvas is tacked to the side of the stretcher.

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PUB004 Stretching Inkjet Prints on Canvas.pdf - 2.09 MB



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