Corner Protectors Clear Plastic 20mm Box 960



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5153 Corner Protectors Clear Plastic 20mm Box 960

Frame corner protectors are moulded from clear recycled polypropylene and require no folding and are ready to push on.

Unique shape means that they slip on easily without damaging the frame moulding and have a very good aesthetic appeal. Customers can see that the protector is not hiding poor corner workmanship.

Clear Corners are packed in standard size cartons and can be supplied in bulk pallets of 15 cartons. Made in UK.

5153 20mm wide, 80mm long, Box of 960

ClearCorners are manufactured in UK using 100% re-cycled material.

Also available:

5152  15.5mm wide, 80mm long, Box of 1050
5154  25mm wide, 90mm long, Box of 600
5155  30mm wide, 95mm long, Box of 400
9296  35mm wide, 95mm long, Box of 280
9395  40mm wide, 95mm long, Box of 240
6597  45mm wide, 60mm long, Box of 220
9297  50mm wide, 95mm long, Box of 200
5150  Samples bag - 4 of each

All box quantities are approximate.

See also: Corner Protectors cardboard, in standard size boxes, 9912


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