Colourmount Fabric Mountboard

Colourmount Fabric Mountboard

- Coloured face paper with Cream Core pulp board

- White backing paper

- More than 110 colours available

- 1020mm x 800mm / 40" x 31½"

- 1.5mm thick

Colourmount Cream Core mountboard is very cost effective for all non conservation framing requirements.

About Colourmount

Colourmount mount boards were first produced in 1981 by Slater Harrison Ltd, a UK based company with over 80 years experience. The Colourmount mount board range features around 160 (Chk) shades and colours and a choice of 10 thicknesses, from 0.45mm to 3.0mm. Three key types of mount boards, Conservation, White Core and Cream Core, with many variations.