Inmes Type C V-Nails

Type C V-nails work perfectly in Inmes IM-2 & IM-4P and all Cassese underpinners using v-nails in plastic cartridges.

Guaranteed quality at exceptional prices

+ The exceptional prices don’t mean that quality is sacrificed. Type C are made in a high-tech factory using the finest quality steel; they have precision ground edges and are individually lubricated.

+ Compare our prices for Inmes 8 stick and 40 stick cartons with what you currently pay. For example, our price for a big, 40 stick, carton of Inmes Type C 12mm v-nails is just £44.37, for Normal or for Harder wood. If you use 8 in a frame, then your cost for V-nails is around 3p per frame!

+ We guarantee that you’ll be fully satisfied. If not, we’ll refund your money.

V-nails are 10.3mm wide. Each is loose, not bonded, and individually lubricated.

10% Discount - Order any 3 boxes or more of the same part number of types UNI, C or P V-nails

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