Keencut SteelTrak

Keencut SteelTraK for volume framers & sign makers - Heavy-duty manual sheet material cutters

Robust, reliable and easy to use

As delivered, a SteelTrak cuts:

  • DIBOND and similar up to 4mm
  • Foamed PVC board, e.g. Fomex, up to 13mm
  • Foam centre boards up to 13mm
  • Cardboard and mountboard up to 13mm
  • Fluted plastic up to 13mm
  • Scores polystyrene, acrylic and polycarb up to 6mm

With optional accessories, a SteelTrak will cut:

STVGB: V-grooves in Dibond and Fomex from 2mm to 6mm
STGLC: Glass, up to 6mm
STALC: Trims aluminium sheet, up to 1mm

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