Fine Print Gloss Coat & Satin Coat

GLOSS COAT and SATIN COAT are perfect finishes for perfect digital pictures. They have been developed using the latest resin technologies.

Self-levelling and flexible enough to minimise cracking. They protect the surface of canvas from scuffing and moisture and dry up to 97% optically clear. UV inhibitors help to reduce fading and extend the life of the image. Ready to use and require no dilution or mixing.

Coverage of up to 20 sq mts per litre depending upon surface absorbency, means of application and coating thickness. Apply with foam brushes or rollers. HVLP sprayers offer a more professional finish and may require a 10-15% dilution with clean water. A very light first coat seals the surface, and subsequent coats give the desired depth of finish.

Typically touch dry in 10 - 15 mins and can be re-coated after an hour.

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