Newly R10 Hanging Rail

The Newly R10 is a compact, slimline hanging rail fits to the top of the wall and suspenders, perlon or wire, push up and lock in. Newly, and many other brands of hook, slide on and are easily adjustable.

• R10 Rail profile, 17 x 12mm fits to wall and can be flush to ceiling. Supports up to 20 kg/m

• Fixes and joins with Newly Fixing Clip / Joiner, with screws supplied by user, every 300mm approx

• Easily cut to length with a small hacksaw. Corners and End Caps available.

• Newly ‘Twisters’ fit into Newly and most other hanging rails. ‘Cobra’ suspenders do not fit into Newly rails

• Newly Twister options: Twister suspenders with Perlon translucentsteel cable and steel rod, white

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