Canson Rag Museum Board

CANSON® Rag Museum Boards provide the very best possible quality for your most demanding customers. They are made from 100% cotton fibre, which is naturally acid-free. The un-textured 0.3mm paper is laminated in multiple plies to make them stiff and flat, using pH neutral adhesive.

All Canson Rag Museum boards are 800 x 1200mm

• Ivory White. Solid colour - face, core and back

• Use 9876 as barrier card and 9877 and 9878 as face mount and under-mount

• Made in France from 100% cotton fibres, naturally acid-free

• Meets Fine Art Trade Guild Museum, Level 1

• Alkaline buffer, treated against mould

• ISO 9706 and Photographic Activity Test (PAT) compliant

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