91mm 'Bare Wood' Ayous FSC 100% Frame Moulding

£8.25 Ex Vat per metre

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L936 91mm 'Bare Wood' Ayous FSC 100% Frame Moulding

Ayous also known as 'obeche'
Versatile and easy to work with

Colour & Grain: Consistent pale straw colour with even indistinct grain.
Character: Medium hardness, easy to work with.
Finish: Pale colour and indistinct grain make this a very versatile moulding for a wide variety of finishes including hand gilding, coloured waxes and stain and painted finishes.

Note: Due to the width of this profile it cannot be easily cut on a Morso with newer blades. Therefore, we recommend ordering on our Chop Service.

Usual number of lengths per wrap: 2 lengths measuring 3 metres each.

Please order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length.

This profile is available in various finishes as part of the Brompton range.


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TypeFrame moulding
ForPicture framing
Rebate Height13mm
BrandBare Wood