Chop Service FAQs

How do I work out what size to order?

We cut the frame to the ‘glass size’. We can’t work out your frame size for you. If you’re not an experienced framer, have a look at our ‘New to Framing’ section for information on where to find training.

What is glass size?

Glass size is the size of the piece of glass that will sit in the rebate of your frame. This will also be the size of your mounted artwork. All sizes are in mm. We cut the frame to 'glass size' on the Chop Service.

What is 2mm tolerance?

We add 2mm fitting tolerance to the size you give us. If you don’t want us to do this, just check the box for ‘Do not add 2mm tolerance’.

How do I order L Style profiles for tray frames?

Give us the internal measurements of the tray frame you want to make. This would be the size of the canvas plus any shadow gap you want to create between the canvas and the frame.

Can you join the frame for me?

No, we don’t offer a frame joining service. To join the four pieces into a frame, you will need an underpinner to insert v-nails. You can’t just bang them in with a hammer! Some hand-operated underpinners will also require a band clamp or vice to hold the pieces together while you insert the v-nails.

If you’ll be joining the frame with a hand-operated underpinner, avoid harder woods such as oak and ash, and also more ornate / shaped mouldings – you’ll need commercial framing equipment to work with these.

Can you cut the glass and backing board for me?

No, we don’t cut glass and backing board to size. You can order 1200mm x 800mm sheets of styrene glazing and backing board on our Mixed Sheet Despatch service and cut them to size.

Do you sell glass?

No, we don’t sell glass as we can’t despatch it with our carriers. You can order sheets of 1200mm x 800mm styrene glazing on our Mixed Sheet Despatch service, or try a local glass supplier.

Why is the chop price so much higher than the length price?

The chop price includes a labour element for cutting the frame, and also the wastage.

How long does delivery take?

Click here for FAQs relating to our delivery service and other frequently asked questions.


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